Invest In You


Welcome. You have found yourself on our website. Please do give it a thought as to why you are here? What are the ways that the universe guided you here?

These are questions that are fundamental to our existence. Some would say that finding the answer to these questions is the purpose of life. Because at the heart of these questions is the ultimate question

What is the purpose of my life?


We have seen people transform when they are able to find a purpose to their existence. By no means does their life become only happiness. They still hurt when they stub their toe, metaphorically or literally. But they are able to find a meaning in that pain.

Victor Frankl, while in the concentration camps in WWII, felt that the primary motivation of a person is to find meaning. He saw Meaning helped people tolerate the daily horrors that they faced. He saw Meaning make people altruistic.

All of us require a meaning to our life. Oftentimes that meaning is hidden not outside of us but inside of us. Not in the material of the world but in our thoughts. It is only when we go inwards to discover the meaning that we are able to arrange the outside world in a state of harmony.



Your world needs a meaning-directed “you”. Our world needs a meaning-directed “us”. It is only then we can stop reacting and be present to the world around us. Our children, families, and friends all benefit from our presence. Oftentimes within our expansive presence, others can find their own meaning.


We have seen it too often that our mind throws up one reason after another in order to stop us from going inward and listening to our inner wisdom. Some people feel driven by work. Others are overwhelmed by the needs of loved ones. Some people, even though possess resources (like time or money), live in a mindset of scarcity. We are always willing to put someone else’s needs before us, not realizing that the only way we can meet another person’s needs is by meeting our needs.

For example, our children need parents that can mirror safety in the world. So that they can learn to exercise their will, without fear in life. If we are in a state of being overwhelmed we cannot be that mirror. To be present for someone we need to be present for ourselves. To show up for someone else, we have to be willing to show up for ourselves.

So we ask you,

What is it that you are willing to invest in yourself?

Scheduling and committing to therapy is a big step forward in self-investment. It is essential to research and find a therapist who is compatible with your communication style. Your increasing ability to self-reflect the cause of your past, present, and future will take you a long way during psychotherapy.


Ketamine-assisted therapy is an option to consider when seeking assistance. It is appropriate for symptoms that hamper you from enjoying the fruit of your other investments in life like family, friends, work and purpose. Blossom offers ketamine-assisted therapy in which you are given the space and tools to be able to work on yourself. We can match you with a therapist, to help support you. Your self-discovery of what helps make you happier each day is what’s most important. Maintain an open mind for what can assist you in this journey of life.

Your journey towards investing in yourself starts today. We’d love to hear from and help you on this journey. So contact us or inquire about an appointment today.

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