Types of Anxiety and Ketamine

Anxiety can trouble us in different forms. It can happen in social situations and it is called social anxiety. It can happen as panic attacks. It can happen as agoraphobia which is a fear of leaving home or fear of being trapped without escape. Anxiety can be generalized about multiple things in a person’s life. Anxiety can be about existential concerns like anxiety about our plans and purpose of life. Anxiety can also be present in obsessive compulsive disorder. And then there is traumatic anxiety that can be seen in PTSD. Ketamine has been found to be of help in various forms of anxiety. Psychotherapy has been found to be of help in various types of anxiety. The combination of medicine with psychotherapy is often superior to treatment with either the medicine or the psychotherapy by itself. Please, connect with us today for more information.


Anxiety has a psychological and a biological component to it. It can happen when there is inflammation of the brain or there is high levels of inflammation in the body. It can happen because of neurotransmitters. Ketamine Assisted Psychotherapy treats the biological part of anxiety with Ketamine. Inside the brain Ketamine can often release brain’s own chemicals that are similar to benzodiazepines like Xanax. It can also release brain’s own version of opiates, like Morphine. These chemicals can have an effect on pain and anxiety. Ketamine has also been found to have anti-inflammatory effects in the brain. That is why it has been studied for use in head injuries and some infections.


Anxiety is a danger signal that something bad is going to happen. Oftentimes it happens because of our previous life experiences. If we know that a particular situation has hurt us, we will be anxious when encountering that situation again. Ketamine Assisted Psychotherapy can help us view our anxiety and fears without feeling overwhelmed by them. So a person can confront their fears. The brain can build new pathways which instead of avoidance of fear can be based on tolerance of that fear. This can result in approaching the same anxieties with a different perspective. One of the general goals of Ketamine Assisted Psychotherapy is to induce a “transformative” response in the individual. Our usual behaviors are based on habitual reactions. When we start choosing them consciously our whole personality can transform. Change in our preferences transform us. Ketamine Assisted Psychotherapy can be useful in


We have found Ketamine Assisted Psychotherapy to be particularly useful in addressing Existential anxiety. Existential anxiety can present itself as questioning one’s plans or direction in life. It can make a person question their previous decisions like their choice of career or choice of partner. During this vulnerable time, the true meaning behind a person’s angst or the reason for lack of direction can be uncovered in psychotherapy. Oftentimes we are concerned about things that disguise themselves as other concerns. For example a person might want to quit their job but their real concern underneath might be their fear of failure that they first encountered as a child. Existential anxiety is a lens to look at the human condition without overly pathologizing it.


If you feel that your psychotherapy has lacked depth. If you feel that you think too much and traditional psychotherapy worsens that tendency to think. If you feel that you want to see yourself more than just your symptoms. If you feel that your life is a developmental process and your purpose is to become the best version of you. If you feel that you are trying to recover from previous hurts and pains that affect your present. If you feel that you want a space to be able to feel the emotions you have been defending yourself from. If you feel you have an unconscious that you have difficulty understanding. If you feel that you have neurotic behaviors or routines that preserve your sense of safety. If you want to explore you, get in contact with the team at Blossom and see if Ketamine Assisted Psychotherapy is the right course of action for you. and start your medical clearance today.

It isn’t easy to look into our unconscious. We spend our life running away from it. We try to throw ourselves into work or anger or conflicts or any number of other behaviors. Those behaviors help us numb our awareness and feelings. But they also cause devastation with our will power, sense of self esteem and goals. They can affect our loved ones and our own goals. Ketamine Assisted Psychotherapy can help you have a guide/therapist supporting you as you look deep within. Sometimes you can find light there. And sometimes there is darkness. Regardless there is growth and healing that can come from it.

Contact the team at Blossom today for more information and see if KAP is the right fit for you.

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