Our personality and being is a combination or integration of our mind and our body. The non material is tied into our material. Our mind is tied to our neurons. Each one, our mind or body, is a part of us but not the “whole” us. It is only the combination that makes the whole. (and probably some other things go into it but we can discuss that elsewhere).

As we grow and develop we realize that our body has its own inner wisdom. It knows how to grow, how to develop and how to heal. There is wisdom in its actions and choices. One only needs to study a little of the biology to see how our body keeps regulated in checks and balances. A baby grows into a boy and then into a teenager and then a man, with little help from us.

Just like our body, our mind also has its inner wisdom. It knows how to develop. It knows how to adapt during traumatic situations. It knows how to delay gratification. It knows how to fantasize and it knows how to be charitable.

When there is an integration between our mind and our body, we have access to the restful alertness within us. There is an awareness that we carry deep within us. And when we become aware of that awareness, we realize the wisdom of that awareness.

Our world is finite around us. Yet it is infinite around us. Nature made ten fingers for us (finite) but has made an infinite number of fingers over time (infinite). We live in this paradox and it is only because of our inner wisdom that we navigate this and find a balance between the finite and the infinite. For example, it is because of this wisdom and intuition that we can give finite resources to our partner but at the same time abide in the infinity of love.

Our day to day life clouds this inner wisdom. We react to a barrage of things thrown our way. It is only in a state of balance that we act instead of re-act. There are ways to access this inner wisdom. Our human race has known these methods in the form of shamanic rituals and healing for a long time. Time-out from the ordinary mind can help us come face to face with our inner wisdom. Oftentimes we need a shaman to help us organize the language of our inner wisdom and how to manifest it in this world. In our times that symbolic shaman can be a psychotherapist.

At Blossom we provide space, intention and medicine for achieving non ordinary states of consciousness. We provide you with a chance to heal yourself. We provide medical safety and our therapists provide psychological safety while you attempt to make yourself whole.

Even after the experience our therapists remain available to walk with you through your journey and help integrate yourself into an identity of your choice. The walk is yours. The voice is of your inner wisdom. We provide the space. We look forward to hearing from you. Reach out to us!

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