Warning! Some of the material about trauma has the potential to trigger an individual’s pain. Please seeksupport if you find yourself being triggered.

One of the most common things we get to hear when people are describing their pain or trauma is this sentence, “Other people have had it worse”.

For example, a child who is struggling with nightmares and intrusive thoughts about bullying might have a complete change in their personality. They might not be able to focus on school and stop wanting to go to school. Such a child, when talking about his pain, might shrug his shoulders and say at least I do not get beaten up like my friend.

On one hand there is wisdom in this attitude. By recognizing the hardships of other people there is gratitude in the difficulties that have been handed out by life. The same attitude can also decrease the felt pain of their trauma. This can be invaluable when we have to go on and function in life and we do not have the opportunity to heal.

For example there is a person who is in an active conflict with their partner at home. This domestic conflict can sometimes result in cycles of abuse. The person however has to continue providing for their child and also continue working at their job. As a result, one day when they show up with an injury at work, their friend asks them what is going on. The person admits to their injuries but says, “it is tough but atleast I have not ended up in the emergency room with injuries like my friend did”.

Whereas this attitude helps the person continue to function, there is also avoidance there. Avoidance of acknowledging the true extent of pain. That acknowledgement becomes the very thing that is needed to heal.

One of my favorite quotes goes something like,It does not matter whether a person drowns in 6 ft of water or 10ft of water, the result is the same.

We can be overwhelmed with pain and trauma and feel like we are drowning. When it is time, we have to acknowledge that fact. Please reach out to us at Blossom if the time to heal is upon you. If you have opened the door to your pain or are attempting to do so, Ketamine Assisted Psychotherapy can help pair you with a trusted guide or therapist. The guide can help make sense of your emotions and thoughts as you work through them.

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