Did you know that here at Blossom we use music in our Ketamine sessions? Time and again we have heard how important music is in people’s journeys. We will try to detail why we use music.

Music is as much a sound as it is silence. So music is a combination and a balance of creation (the sound) and the void (silence). There can be a lot that can be written about the sound and the void but we will limit ourselves to how this balanced energy can affect us.

Frequency is a number of repeating events in a unit of time. That means that while playing basketball if you bounce the ball 10 times a minute then that is your frequency. All energy, including sound and music, has a frequency. It would not be wrong to say that there is a particular frequency to all our being and each of our organs has and responds to a particular frequency.

We are a combination of electrons and protons amidst vast spaces inside the atom. The energy that we are, vibrates at a certain frequency. One only has to look at the frequency of how our brains are functioning. It is called EEG. When this electricity is out of rhythm we get seizures. When we get upset, the energy of our brain can be recorded into beta waves. Similarly when we dream the energy and its frequency can be measured. Our heart also has energy. One of the ways to measure is through EKG. Anyone who has had their heart race during nervousness knows how emotions can affect our energy.

Healing with sound is based on similar principles. Since energy can neither be created nor destroyed, it just changes shape. We can think about this world being a frequency, a song that changes from minute to minute. We all have an energy counter in our being that can help us pick up the energy of places. We have heard how people can walk into a room and sense its energy.

Similarly, our bodies function at a particular frequency. It is an intuitive realization that we are functioning at a different frequency right after we exercise compared to when we are ill. Transformation of our personality and our being means that we are aware of the frequencies of our being. Having the ability to balance “will” and “Acceptance” of frequencies is integration and healing. Sometimes we change the frequency around us and sometimes we accept it. Just like sometimes we change the environment around us, like changing the temperature of a room. And sometimes we accept the environment around us, like wearing a sweater when it is cold. Coping mechanisms, like taking a cold shower or going for a walk are some of the ways that we know how to change our energy frequency. But very few of us do it in a state of awareness.

To be able to choose the correct sound for a particular person in a Ketamine session is an art. There are experts in this field and we are only novices. Some of the music that we use is made by people who are sensitive to energy and know how to wield it. If you have ever been in a Ketamine session, the music is something we usually do not listen to. There are many playlists that can be found on services like Spotify or YouTube that you can listen to experience what we mean.

How do we know that the music is synchronous to your needs? How do you know that the music is synchronous to your needs? Our minds know. We just have to be aware and listen to it. Our mind has an uncanny ability to pick up harmony and balance. That is why we cannot really tell why but we find a work of art beautiful. Similarly in your session, with the help of a therapist, you can experiment with various sounds and music that are unique to your needs. On the opposite spectrum, you also have the chance to yield and accept what music and sounds the turn of events throw out for you. There is healing in that as well. We will talk more about that when we meet.

Reach out to us! At Blossom we can provide you the space where you can get this dialogue started between you and your inner wisdom.


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