Ketamine has been used to treat depression and many people are turning to Ketamine for treatment because of its efficacy in treatment resistant depression. Following are some of the things to keep in mind when using Ketamine for depression.

Ketamine with psychotherapy

Ketamine is a good option to consider when there is availability of a trained guide who can work in psychotherapy with a person, while they are undergoing treatment with Ketamine.

Ketamine and medical safety

Ketamine should be only used under medical supervision. If such facilities are available, then the option of incorporating Ketamine into the treatment plan might be appropriate. The mental health team can help assess this in greater detail.

Ketamine works quickly

Ketamine can work sometimes even after 1st treatment. This rapid efficacy makes Ketamine appealing to treat when

There is concern for safety

Functioning is severely limited

Compliance to treatment is poor

Ketamine and suicidal ideations

Ketamine can have an effect on suicidality. In fact, Esketamine has been studied to be used in an emergency room setting. One treatment with Ketamine reduced the suicidal thoughts. However the treatment effects started wearing off in 72hrs.

Ketamine can act as an adjunct treatment

Ketamine can be used in combination with other antidepressants. So there might be scenarios in which antidepressants are helpful for depression or anxiety but not helpful enough.

Postpartum depression and Ketamine

Right after birth, the bonding period between mother and child is crucial. Ketamine has been explored as an option for rapid treatment of the mother for postpartum depression.

Ketamine and other conditions

Ketamine can be effective in depression especially when depression is combined with other things like eating disorders, obsessive-compulsive disorder, alcohol dependency and trauma.

Ketamine and consultation:

Decision about using Ketamine should always be made in consultation with a mental health team. The reasons to use and how to use Ketamine in conjunction with psychotherapy.

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